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Company Bio

Established in 2019, Quorier is the USA's first marketplace platform for Couriers and Carriers.

Send anything from an envelope to pallets. Get quotes and dispatch driver's within minutes all on one convenient Platform.

With over a hundred providers and growing, Quorier gives the customer, whether the man on the street or large corporation choice of both courier.carrier and pricing.

Flexibility and choice is core to our offering.

Team Members

Ilan Miller
Chief Executive Officer
Email: ilan@quorier.com
Phone: (914) 291-7300
Kim Myerson
Chief Operartions Officer
Email: kim@quorier.com
Phone: (914) 291-5921


Atlanta, GA 30326

3355 Lenox Road, NE
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Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

66 Forresta Circle
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