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Company Bio

The Association for Delivery Drivers (A4DD.org) is a non-profit organization driven to deliver success and safety to local delivery drivers nationwide.  Carriers and shippers benefit when we make it possible to raise the bar on driver standards. Through A4DD, drivers will source easy, affordable solutions on their own.  A4DD's benefits include training, insurance, equipment & supplies, and more.  All discounted and all for barely $1 a week in membership dues.  Improve customer service levels, reduce the costs of risk, and strengthen your IC model.  Help us spread the word - we provide everything you need at no cost.  Register with us and gain visibility and assurances about driver compliance.  Plus, you'll reduce driver costs further and enjoy special benefits of your own.

Team Members

Peter Schlactus
Co-Founder & Executive Director
Email: pschlactus@gmail.com
Phone: (914) 629-9234
JC Burnett
Email: a4ddteam@a4dd.org
Phone: (661) 857-6857
Jim McDowell
Director of Marketing
Email: jmcdowell@a4dd.org
Phone: (850) 321-3293

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