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Enabling businesses to offer instant payments for drivers and independent contractors.

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Have independent contractors on your payroll? Need a benefit to attract more drivers? 

Deliver instant payments to drivers and independent contractors—even on day one. Branch provides fast, seamless 1099 payments and reporting. Our platform is scalable and flexible, allowing you to cut costs while providing drivers instant access to pay and easier, efficient 1099 reporting.

With Branch, there are no time restrictions, pre-funding, or changes to cash flow—just simple, streamlined individual or bulk payments to your drivers. 

Team Members

Charlie Kleiner
Partner Marketing Manager
Email: charlie.kleiner@branchapp.com
Phone: (612) 404-1616
Greg Zeman
Strategic Partnerships
Email: greg@branchapp.com
Jeremy Langness
Head of Partnerships
Email: jeremy@branchapp.com
Nick Larson
Strategic Partnerships
Email: nick.larson@branchapp.com

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