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Company Bio

Sendflex is a multi-carrier management platform that helps shippers make better carrier selection decision by taking carrier capabilities, constraints and preferences into account.  This results in a win-win-win for shippers, carriers and customers.

Sendflex’s management team has over 100 years of combined experience in bringing innovative, world-class logistics solutions to market, including industry-leading solutions such as Clippership and Transtream which processes over 1 billion shipments every year across 5000+ medium to large sized shippers.

Our solutions automate routing, rating, cartonization, labeling, shipping, and tracking to streamline shipper and carrier execution.  Traditionally we have focused on national and regional parcel carriers.  We are now focused on exposing local carriers to our customer base.

We are happy to join the the ECA team and look forward to working with you in the future.


Team Members

Jerry Porter
Email: jerry.porter@sendflex.com
Phone: (201) 595-9362
Robert Malley
Email: bob.malley@sendflex.com
Phone: (978) 771-2961

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