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One Hundred Feet is revolutionizing the last leg of the delivery process by mapping multifamily properties, dorms, malls, hospitals, etc. We are creating data that enables our delivery partners to complete complex deliveries with ease. We can provide the actual location of the unit, how to access the property, where to park, and the location of elevators, so that we can dramatically reduce the time spent making these deliveries. Our clients are expected to complete more deliveries in a shorter time frame than ever before. We are helping them make that possible by reducing current delivery times, provide accurate delivery windows, improve customer experience and boost profitability.  Check out our revolutionary routing application, Beans Route!

Team Members

Gino Buonamici
Enterprise Account Executive
Email: gino@beans.ai
Akash Agarwal
Chief Business Officer
Email: akash@beans.ai
Phone: (415) 770-2839
Amelia Earl
Content Writer
Email: amelia@beans.ai
Kelly Garcia
Head of Sales
Email: kelly@beans.ai
Phone: (415) 531-6782
Vikram Sekho
Email: vikram@beans.ai


Palo Alto, CA 94301

248 Homer Avenue
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