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For people working in and serving the delivery industry who want to make deeper business connections.

Providing information, education, referrals, and the opportunity to network in order to form logistical partnerships between carriers and shippers Assisting carriers and shippers in taking advantage of the new technology and transportation solutions Build awareness of regional and specialized carriers as a viable supply chain alternative Build awareness of our vendors'​ products and services, and support partnerships among all mem

Hendrick Automotive Group’s Josh Oliver Drives for Improvement at ECA MarketPlace 2024

“Every day we soften our hearts as well as our egos, in order to seek out and improve upon areas of opportunity within ourselves and our team.“

– Hendrick Automotive Group Core Value, commitment to continuous improvement. 

Hendrick Automotive Group Director of ADI Logistics Josh Oliver seeks continuous improvement, and he’s found a way to get there through ECA MarketPlace. “My job is to develop and implement logistics strategies and procedures to optimize supply chain efficiency, reduce costs, and improve service quality,” he said. “I hold to that mission because I want our customers to be elated with the service they receive.” 

Discovering Final Mile Capacity at ECA MarketPlace

Seeking better ways to optimize his supply chain efficiency, Josh sought new sources to assure final mile effectiveness for the thousands of parts that move through his network each year. In doing so, he discovered ECA, A Delivery Industry Alliance through a simple Google search, and it immediately piqued his interest. After just a bit more research, Josh discovered the crown jewel of ECA, its ECA MarketPlace.

The ECA MarketPlace provides a unique platform for shippers to meet one-on-one with local, regional, and specialty carriers. Attendees of ECA MarketPlace fondly refer to the experience as speed-dating for their transportation solutions – a curated, 2-day agenda of 12-minute meetings. 

“It was great, as I was able to connect with quality couriers from across the country in a focused 2-day period.

– Josh Oliver, Hendrick Automotive Group / ADI Logistics

Immediate Benefits of Shipper and Carrier Networking

Josh’s team services over 1,100 GM dealers across 16 states, a great reason to seek improvement. But beyond Hendrick Automotive, Josh is passionate about process improvement for the entire automotive sector that Hendricks competes in. Seeing everyone operating at their best is good for the entire industry. 

Josh’s experience at ECA MarketPlace inspired him to reach out to his colleagues and counterparts. “Many of the carriers I met had service offerings that may eventually come into play for the ADI network,” Josh said. “They all were prepared and ready to serve the shippers. For that reason, I highly recommend shippers become aware of the ECA MarketPlace and experience the quality offerings of these local and regional logistics agents,” he stated.

Why Shippers Attend ECA MarketPlace

Josh and Hendrick Automotive attended ECA MarketPlace to grow their delivery network and learn from their peers as part of their core commitment to improvement. Shippers attend ECA MarketPlace for a variety of reasons:

  • Diversify their carrier base
  • Contingency planning for their transportation solutions
  • Hone expertise in middle and final mile delivery with regional and local carriers
  • Discover niche carriers with specific qualifications and expertise
  • Learn about innovative shipping solutions, products, and technology
  • Network with peers

In Josh’s words, the ability to connect in a meaningful setting with “quality couriers from across the country in a 2-day period” is a gift. People used to say that ECA MarketPlace was the delivery industry’s best-kept secret. Well, we don’t believe that approach is what’s best for our sector. We want shippers and carriers to know about ECA MarketPlace, and that shippers and delivery industry professionals return year after year because they see results. 

If you’d like to learn more about ECA MarketPlace – where quality business meetings happen in the delivery industry – please reach out to or visit us on LinkedIn

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