ECA A Delivery Industry Alliance
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For people working in and serving the delivery industry who want to make deeper business connections.

Providing information, education, referrals, and the opportunity to network in order to form logistical partnerships between carriers and shippers Assisting carriers and shippers in taking advantage of the new technology and transportation solutions Build awareness of regional and specialized carriers as a viable supply chain alternative Build awareness of our vendors'​ products and services, and support partnerships among all mem

In Business Since: 1997


Company Bio

Crown Data Systems is the recognized leader in air freight trucking software, electronically uniting carriers and forwarders in the Last Mile Delivery.

Known for our superior state-of-the-art products and uncompromising customer service, Crown is committed to efficiently and effectively responding to our customers’ ever-changing needs—having a direct impact on the success of their businesses.

Our in-depth understanding of the air freight trucking industry has also strengthened our customers’ relationships with their shipping customers by creating unique EDI Partnerships between shippers and their agents using Crown.

Company History
Crown Data Systems was founded in 1997 by Michael King. With 30 years of experience in the trucking industry, Mike was driven to develop technological solutions that would provide freight operations with a high return on investment.

Originally headquartered under one roof in Buffalo, our corporate office is now located in Cheektowaga, New York, with a sales and marketing office located in Atlanta, Georgia. Team Crown specializes in software development, technical support, sales, marketing, and business development within the air freight industry.

Why Crown?
Crown Data Systems is devoted to developing state-of-the-art, innovative, and creative software solutions that build strength, increase productivity and provide a more competitive edge for our valued customers. From Crown Maps to Crown Mobile, Document Imaging and more, our software solutions are cutting-edge and designed with our customers’ needs in mind. We are driven to provide the ultimate customer experience.




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