ECA A Delivery Industry Alliance
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For people working in and serving the delivery industry who want to make deeper business connections.

Providing information, education, referrals, and the opportunity to network in order to form logistical partnerships between carriers and shippers Assisting carriers and shippers in taking advantage of the new technology and transportation solutions Build awareness of regional and specialized carriers as a viable supply chain alternative Build awareness of our vendors'​ products and services, and support partnerships among all mem

Company Bio provides real-time location-based software-as-a-service (SaaS), translating spatial data into smarter operations. Driven by location-based data management and data science, Beans enables and delivers actionable insights that predict ETAs, and asset utilization, optimal operations plan, and protects failure scenarios. With a patented approach to address data and recognition by Gartner, Fast Company, Business Insider, and Forbes, Beans is proud to serve customers like FedEx, Ontrac, Optima, Instacart, Rently, LSO, and Point Pickup.

1. Precise geocodes for all addresses including 12M+ apartments

2. 50M+ POIs like elevators, lockers, mailrooms, lockboxes, access codes, parking points, and building entrances

3. Complete fleet management, including route optimization, scheduling, asset tracking, customer notifications & and over 50 other features




ECA: A – Delivery Industry Alliance
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