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For people working in and serving the delivery industry who want to make deeper business connections.

Providing information, education, referrals, and the opportunity to network in order to form logistical partnerships between carriers and shippers Assisting carriers and shippers in taking advantage of the new technology and transportation solutions Build awareness of regional and specialized carriers as a viable supply chain alternative Build awareness of our vendors'​ products and services, and support partnerships among all mem

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Company Bio

2UBOX is a company that leases durable and lightweight containers (16’, 20’ and 26′) uniquely designed to be transported by a pick up truck while staying under CDL requirements.

We are able to enhance delivery and loading versatility offering a more efficient solution for logistics companies, final mile carriers, moving companies, furniture, and other industries that require the transportation of hard-to-handle goods.

Key Features:

• Maximized cargo capacity vs. any trailer competition
• Detachable container for storage purposes
• Transported by a pick-up truck (3/4 ton and up), No CDL required (under 26,000lbs)
• Three-door/ramp design
• Low profile
• 10-Year warranty

2UBOX offers several capabilities for operational and delivery purposes, including reducing the total cost of delivery by more than 20% (lower insurance premiums, less expensive maintenance and repairs and less MPG from your power unit).

Revolutionize your business operation with 2UBOX’s detachable container, providing unparalleled storage capabilities and optimizing your warehouse efficiency like never before.

In addition to enhancing operational efficiency, 2UBOX also improves the customer experience by providing an enhanced image of innovation and technology, improving the delivery experience, and promoting brand awareness through on-road marketing.




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