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MarketPlace Information

Frequently-Asked Questions

Dress Code

Business Attire for Interview Meetings

Cocktail or Dressy Suggested for Evening Events – Unless themed and all attendees will be notified of the appropriate dress code.

How long does each interview last?

The normal length of an interview at the MarketPlace is thirteen minutes. Be Punctual. When the bell rings, please move to your next appointment or into the exhibit hall.

What if my schedule conflicts with a pre-arranged interview? May I reschedule?

No. Appointment schedules are final as printed. Sorry, we cannot make any changes to these schedules on-site.

How many interviews will be scheduled?

Be prepared for a full schedule of back-to-back interviews. Each interview lasts 13 minutes. A shipper can have up to 48 scheduled interviews over the time allotted. It is definitely a “working show”.

Carrier Frequently-Asked Questions

What else should I know before attending the MarketPlace?

  • Be truthful in representing your company, respecting the integrity of the association.
  • Show Respect — Make the most of your time allocated by being brief and concise. The shippers, carriers & vendors have other appointments.
  • Some shippers may be unavailable for appointments.
  • Networking breaks — These breaks are scheduled for everyone, so please do not try to do an interview with a shipper during the breaks.
  • You may see a vendor at any time that vendor-carrier interviews are not being conducted. Please visit the vendors & thank them for supporting the ECA!

Shipper Frequently-Asked Questions

What are some helpful hints from previous shipper attendees?

  • Plan your presentation to carriers. A prepared questionnaire is extremely helpful.
  • Use the first two minutes as a “Shipper organization overview.”
  • Know your exact needs to determine a good fit.

Am I able to finalize contracts during the interview sessions?

We do ask that any rates not be discussed during the interview process. Any contract finalization should be conducted at another time between a Shipper and chosen Carrier. However, have agent/carrier paperwork available, if there is a good fit between you and a Carrier.

Still have questions?

Send us an e-mail or call us at the number below, and an ECA Staff member will be happy to answer your questions.
Phone: 703-361-1058