Board of Directors

Board Members:

  • Serve a three-year term and must be re-elected every 3 years to continue to serve on Board
  • No two people from the same company can be on the board at the same time.
  • Attend two meetings at the annual Marketplace, plus three other meetings (Summer, Fall & Winter)
  • Participate in Conference Calls during months that we do not have a face to face board meeting.
  • Individual board members are responsible for covering their own costs to attend the meetings. The ECA does not reimburse nor in any way, pay the members of the board of directors.
  • When an unexpected opening on the board happens such as when a serving member resigns, the President of the board may appoint a new member at his or her discretion and then that person is voted upon by the entire board of directors.
  • Those individuals who give so much of their time, talent and money to support the ECA, keep the organization running to the benefit of not only the membership but also the industry as a whole.


Members of the Board

Michael Ditizio

First Vice President

Jim Bernecker

Immediate Past President

Elizabeth Klein

Second Vice President

Carly Fliesher

Technology Committee Chair

Leigh Ann Schneider

Technology Committee Co-Chair

Deirdre Hudson

Vendor Committee Chair

Rick Roberts

Carrier Committee Chair

Matthew Straub

By-Laws Committee Chair

Samantha Voorhees

Women’s and Education Committee Chair

Lance Roberts

Golf Committee Chair

Samm Wiggins Jr

Mentorship Committee Chair

Jim Luciani

Executive Director

Madison Luciani

Assistant Executive Director

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